Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today, I picked up my new Ashford Joy spinning wheel. It's a double treadle, portable wheel, and I am in love. She's small, she's quiet, and (perhaps best of all at the moment) she's babyproof, thanks to her traveling case.

Sadly, this means I'll be parting with my dear Kromski Minstrel. I haven't found a buyer, yet, but I'm sure I'll be able to - the Kromski is a wonderful wheel, just not babyproof enough for my home. I'll miss Magda, but I'm thrilled to welcome Joy.

My inaugural spin is an Abby Franquemont batt in Shiraz, a deep purpley burgundy, merino/tencel mix. It's delightful to spin, as any Abby batt always proves to be, and I'm easily managing an even long-draw on Joy's smallest ratio. Joy's a fast one (probably faster than Magda, as I don't have the lace flyer for the Kromski) and is proving to be just what the doctor ordered.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why so many question marks, eh?

Dear Person on a forum I read,

Why so many question marks and exclamation points? We understand your point with just one of each. Why end each question with three??? Or even four???? And omg four exclamation points!!!! Adding so many detracts from the points you're attempting to make. I won't even touch on the point of your poor spelling or very odd emoticon faces. What the heck does "=S" mean, anyway? It's not a smiley. It's not a frown. I am befuddled.

Learn how to type.

No love,
A former editor

Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 In Review

2010 was pretty good to me. A significant improvement over 2009, which can still bite me in the rear.


BOOK: This is going to embarrass me beyond belief, but Abigail Renold's "The Last Man on Earth." It's a Jane Austen sequel. I'm a tad obsessed with them at the moment. I happened to finish the whole book in one day.

PLACE VISITED: Asheville, NC with my hubby and son

MEAL COOKED: It might be silly, but I made one kickass meatloaf this year! I've been trying to improve my cooking. Meatloaf is easy, but GOOD meatloaf can be difficult.

MEAL EATEN: At Bamian in Arlington, VA. Hubby and I used to live there, and went back to our favorite restaurants when we were up for a meeting. I really, really like this restaurant.

MOVIE: Harry Potter 7a.


ITEM BOUGHT: BFL/silk from Maryland Sheep and Wool. OMG soft. I also succeeded in my first spinningwheel laceweight using it.

MOMENT: My son's birth. Yes, it's cheesy. It's still true.